250 severely disabled children are cared for at any one time by our     nationally recognized program.

Children with disabilities and their families living in Ukraine consistently face isolation, neglect and poverty, especially single mothers. Severe government budget restraints add to the lack of assistance these individuals receive, leaving most detached from even basic opportunities and services, including education, medical care, and employment. With no voice and little acceptance these families really are “the least of all.”

Through our comprehensive Model of Care, Mission to Ukraine works to reverse the isolation and gripping need these families face. We also advocate on their behalf to change how society views its disabled citizens.  By loving the family of a disabled child through our various educational, food assistance, medical care and therapeutic services, dignity is restored and hope replaces despair.


Our nationally recognized model of care serves as a roadmap to ensure the delivery of our services at the highest level. It unifies all of our specialists under one approach to provide a comprehensive and meaningful set of therapies and services tailored to the needs of each individual. Therapies in this model include: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Sensory Therapy, Speech Therapy. Learn More


Mission To Ukraine provides various educational services for disabled individuals and their families. Our services are one of the only programs of its kind in the Zhitomir region. While this society has cast these individuals to the wayside we see the value and privilege of helping them to learn and grow in their own capacity for a more enriched life. Learn More

Medical Clinic

Mission to Ukraine’s medical clinic provides extensive and professional health care services to families in our Special Needs program, to mothers and babies in our Pregnancy Care program, as well as to our own staff. We work with a wide range of volunteer doctors, including a general practitioner, pediatrician, dentist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, orthopedist, and physiotherapist – all of whom hold respected positions in Zhitomir state clinics. Our free, quality medical care and medicines enable us to provide an additional layer of assistance to our families.

Summer Camp

The Mission to Ukraine Summer Camp is the highlight of the year for over 120 special needs children and their families. During this eight-day, overnight experience our children enjoy a setting outside the city with a parent.  Staff and volunteers from ten local churches and other countries fill their days with activities, including games, teaching, small groups, crafts, sports, music, drama, dancing, and costumes.  Each child is given personal attention. Just as important, the parents are able to rest and relax for the only time in their year.  They also can socialize with other parents and study the bible together. The impact of a week away with others loving their children for the first time is very impactful for these families.