Up to 2000 mothers have chosen to carry their babies to term. 

Ukrainian women often find themselves facing poverty and precarious family situations. Many newly pregnant women see abortion as the only viable option for their future. By providing compassionate relationships, medical care and other support throughout her pregnancy followed by 18 months of continued relationship with medical and food assistance after delivery, MTU provides a real alternative choice for these moms and their unborn children.

What started as one of the first Pregnancy Care Centers in Ukraine has grown into a regional effort in five cities. Interestingly, even in these past two years during tremendously difficulty economic times and the uncertainty of war a record number of mothers have decided to continue their pregnancies with tangible support and personal care from MTU staff and volunteers.

Counseling Services

Our gentle and tenderhearted staff are on the front lines providing free counseling services at our Zhitomir headquarters as well as spending numerous hours counseling women in abortion clinics throughout the region. By offering support to these women, we are able to love them in a practical way, as well as educate them on the inherent value of human life.

Spiritual Development

Mission to Ukraine provides a spiritual refuge for women searching for hope in the midst of crisis. Our staff desires nothing more than for the love of Christ to penetrate the hearts of the women they serve. Through weekly Bible studies, individual mentoring, and summer day camps, we seek to embrace women with love and care, guiding them into a relationship with Jesus and connecting them with a spiritual family within the local church.

Healthy Lifestyles

In a society where promiscuity and drug use are the norm, young people often find themselves buried in confusion. Our Healthy Lifestyles Program helps to dispel the myths and misinformation that surrounds contraception and abortion. We give youth a bigger perspective on positive and lasting relationships while educating them on the value of human life.

The Healthy Lifestyles Programs are taught to thousands of students in secondary schools, colleges, universities, and orphanages throughout the region. Our knowledgeable staff equips students with accurate information about HIV-AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and abortion, and the realities of alcohol, nicotine, and drug addiction.

Church Integration

While serving our women who chose to become mothers we are able to provide community and support. Once they end the formal part of our program we continue to engage them.  Yet, their support system can diminish over time. By integrating mothers and fathers into local churches they experience long-term community, emotional support and spiritual growth. We identify church leaders who can collaborate with MTU and help connect our women to groups.. Many groups have women who were previously new mothers in our program