Below are just a few ways you can get involved with Mission To Ukraine


One of the most significant ways you can impact our organization is through financially supporting our efforts. Please consider committing our efforts through a monthly gift. Below are just a few examples of what will be accomplished by your dollars. 

$10 will provide one month of transportation to therapy for a disabled child. 

$25 will provide one month of rehabilitation services for a disabled child.

$50 will provide one month of food and supplies for a single mother and the baby she chose to keep. 

$125 will provide one week of summer camp for a disabled child and parent. 

$300 is the average expense for each pregnant mother who chooses to keep her baby. 

$900 provides 18 months of assistance for a mother and baby. 

Photo by LincolnRogers/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by LincolnRogers/iStock / Getty Images


Join us in praying for specific needs of Mission To Ukraine and our work throughout the community. Receive a prayer guide monthly. 



At MTU we know that one must be invited into the story before action can happen. Our US Office has a variety of resources for you to be able to share the story of MTU to your own community in a special way. Be it hosting a Ukrainian Evening at your home, or letting your social media share our voice. We want you to share our story and let others know of the incredible work that is being accomplished in the name of Jesus Christ.