pregnancy care ministry

100 Thank you's


Happy Thanksgiving!

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for your generosity, love, and faithfulness in caring for the least of these in Ukraine. On this special day, we thank our God for you and pray you are blessed with His richest blessings in your lives and families.

We are thankful for the privilege of sharing our Lord’s love through professional services for families with children with special needs as well as pregnant mothers in difficult circumstances. We cherish the ability to give testimony to His love to over 100 people every day! Thank you for your encouragement, prayer, expertise, and donations. You empower us to let His Light and Love shine bright.

Below we show how each of the children, families, and mothers we serve culminates to a 100 thank yous. These “100 thanks yous” are like a beautiful harmony that resounds in our hearts and theirs. It’s our prayer that you tune your own heart to share in our song of gratitude.

On a typical day at MTU:

An expectant mother with an unplanned pregnancy chooses to give her baby life.

30 students learn about the sanctity of human life, the realities of abortion, and how to pursue a healthy lifestyle and avoid risky behaviors.

Every day, 8 families living in difficult financial situations--some with children with special needs and some mothers who chose life for their babies--receive monthly food package and diapers.

35 of the families we serve receive free medical treatment and medicines.

17 children with disabilities grow in their physical abilities and have mobility, function, and quality of live improved at physical therapy sessions.

6 children with disabilities develop, recover, or maintain basic skills for living and work through our exclusive Occupational Therapy (OT) services.

6 children with special needs learn to interact with their daily environment by honing their senses. Our Sensory Therapy activates their brain activity and decreases anxiety, aggression, and over-stimulation.

5 children, who have never been able to communicate, are given a voice via special augmentative aids, such as picture and symbol communication boards and electronic devices.

6 children improve their diction and speaking abilities at their sessions with our speech therapist.

6 children with disabilities learn to cope with their learning difficulties or manage behavioral problems in their psychology therapy sessions.

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22 children and youth with disabilities participate in meaningful lessons and purposeful play. These sessions help to develop social, academic, motor, and language skills, as well as competencies necessary for integration into the state education system.

25 mothers of children with disabilities and the mothers we serve through the pregnancy care ministry receive God’s guidance, encouragement and prayer support at individual counseling sessions and Bible groups.

 From us to you, thank you!