Love and Support Protect Lives

Maria’s story

I was 26 when I got pregnant for the second time. This pregnancy wasn’t planned. At that time I was very engaged in caring for my daughter Nadia, who had feeble health. She had had two surgeries and had partially lost her hearing by the time I was pregnant this second time.

I was scared. My husband didn’t want this child. My mother insisted on an abortion. But I didn’t have enough courage to do it. I went to MTU for counseling and support. During the counseling session I decided to carry to term. I am very thankful for God’s support that I experienced from the staff. It helped me cope with the nagging and fights initiated by my husband and relatives.

With God’s help I had a good pregnancy, an easy delivery, and gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy. We named him Mikola.

My husband didn’t support me at first. He would often get irritated by our son’s cry. When that happened, I simply asked God for patience, endurance, and for miraculous changes in my husband’s heart.

Today my Mikola is 18 months old. Thanks to your support I was able to overcome many struggles in my life. I changed my worldview too. I wake up with a prayer. I read my Bible and attend a local church. My husband fell in love with our son and is proud of him. I got back to work and love what I am doing.

Thanks to God I have joy and special support in my life.
With God in my heart,
Maria, happy mother, and wife.