Pregnancy Care Ministry News

Semi Annual Report: Amazing Breakthroughs and Super Challenges

July Special Events thanks to partnership with Women of Grace Church team:

2 day training for volunteers on leading small groups “Transformational Small Groups”

33 volunteers from 6 different locations received training on leading small groups to be empowered and encouraged in leading Bible studies for our women who chose life for their babies.

Ludmila, volunteer from Zhitomir: “It was important for me to hear that leaders need to find time for rest and fellowship with God. It is very important to find an approach to every person in a group. I am grateful for the team of US friends and for such inspiration for us."

3 day Camp for Pregnancy Care women in Zhitomir.

37 women attended a 3 day camp organized at MTU facility. 24 of them attended a day camp for the first time in their lives. Stories of the women in the Old Testament helped our women see that God can use their lives for His glory and that they are valuable and precious in His eyes. Thanks to camp our women built friendships, learned to support each other, grew in their faith, and received encouragement to connect with local churches.

Olga, 31 year old pregnancy care mother: “During Bible lessons I heard and realized everything that has been happening in my life has a special purpose. God sees my circumstances. He has a special plan for my life. He teaches me to be a strong woman and have confidence in my life, just like Deborah had. It was important for me to hear the stories shared. I saw my story in them and know God continues to shape the story of my life.

Retreat for volunteers

72 volunteers from different locations and regions got together to celebrate God’s victories in ministry in the first six months of 2018, to fellowship and worship, to learn more about care for their souls, and rest.

Thank you, Women of Grace Church for being sincere, devoted, and sacrificial. Thank you for serving alongside the MTU pregnancy care team with your gifts and talents. You truly expand His Kingdom to the ends of the earth.