Curiosity Leads to Life and a Mission

Interview with Sveta Korolyova, MTU Pregnancy Care Counselor

Sveta, How did you learn about Mission to Ukraine?

Sveta: I grew up in the MTU’s neighborhood. You can see my house through the window of MTU.  However, before MTU appeared, the street was inhabited with people abusing alcohol. My parents always told me to stay away from that street, which I did.

Once in 2000 I heard rumors about an American building a center for women exactly on that street. The sign said “Women’s Center.” For some reason my husband suggested that I check it out.  He wanted me to go and find out what it was all about. After a few more suggestions from him, I went. To my surprise I met very nice women there. Even though I was an unbeliever and didn’t need pregnancy care counseling, we developed relationships and very soon I started attending a church with them. Thus my encounter with Mission to Ukraine became life-saving for me.

Oh, this is awesome. Was serving women on your heart from the very beginning?

Sveta: Crisis pregnancy counseling was unique to Ukraine. I admired the work they were doing, but couldn’t even think that God would call me to be a part of it.  A few months after coming to faith in Christ, I became a pregnancy care counselor.  A bit later I also began helping with our abstinence program for youth, led Bible studies for our women, and counseled women who wanted to leave their children in the hospital so that they would not leave them orphaned.  Today I am also involved in a lot of promotional work – sharing our pro-life vision with teachers, doctors, and churches. 

Home Visit 2005

Home Visit 2005

So there are many facets to the title of a counselor here.  What is the most challenging part in your work?

Sveta: The most difficult part of our job is counseling at the abortion clinic. Unfortunately, doctors see women before we counsel them and warn them against us. At present women harden their hearts and counseling is more difficult than ever.  At the same time, God gives us breakthroughs and as of today 247 babies have been saved from abortion right in the clinics! 

Wonderful! That’s quite a number! You’ve been with pregnancy care ministry practically from the very beginning.  You have witnessed God’s guidance and miracles and become a part of them as well!

Sveta: Yes!  I am so grateful to God that today we have over 1700 children saved from abortion through MTU ministry in all our locations. I would say in reality this number is bigger. At times women leave counseling session uncertain about their decision.  So when they meet me in the street several months/years later saying: “This child is yours. Thank you!” my heart overflows with joy. I rejoice with them. This is my most favorite part of our work, for which I am most thankful.

Bible Study 2005

Bible Study 2005

Praise God. Sveta, in conclusion of our interview, tell us what do you dream of for MTU?

Sveta:  Well, I dream of Ukraine without abortions and abortion clinics. I dream of all Ukrainian people seeing the value of every life and not even considering abortion. I dream of all our women we serve coming to Christ and joining churches. I believe, with God’s guidance, a lot can be accomplished. And I pray to see these changes in the near future!

Thank you, Sveta. May God bless you in your ministry and bless the desires of your heart to do His will.

This is but one of 50 staff members who make MTU what it is today.  It is your faithful prayer and financial support that make it all happen.  Thank you!