Much More than Pregnancy Care

At Mission to Ukraine we care very deeply about mothers facing unexpected pregnancies.  Our staff and volunteers lovingly offer these precious women the counseling, medical care, and practical support they need to get back on their feet.  And as we do this, we are blessed with a very holy “window of opportunity” to introduce them to Christ, the Source of everlasting life, love and support.


Just two weeks ago, thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers from Indiana, 57 Ukrainian women experienced grace, love, and care in a way many had never dreamed possible at our annual Women’s Conference.  Not only did they make new friends, they spontaneously began helping each other by sharing kids’ clothes (hand-me-downs) and praying for each other!  It was amazing to hear so many of these women testify how this little retreat helped them come to know God in a more intimate and personal way!   Thank you, WOMEN OF GRACE CHURCH from Noblesville, Indiana for sharing your hearts and time with us.  You truly made an eternal impact!

Here’s what Nastya had to share about her life and camp experience:

Nastya and her baby boy at worship yoga (first left to right)

Nastya and her baby boy at worship yoga (first left to right)

I gave birth to my first baby when I was only 17. Four years later I got pregnant again. Neither my husband nor our parents wanted this child. They told me I should have an abortion to “do away with this problem.”  However, my aunt suggested I talk to one of the counselors at Mission to Ukraine (where she had previously received services).  She said they would help me and support me.  The next day I showed up at the MTU office - scared, asking for help - not knowing what type of help they could offer.  I received a very warm welcome from one of the counselors. She helped me realize what a horrible thing abortion was - that God gave me a gift of a child and I shouldn’t reject it!  They offered me emotional, practical, and spiritual support.  They even invited me to their Bible studies.  After several months I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy - a child whom I now love so deeply.

At first I didn’t have much faith in God and didn’t take Him or the Bible seriously. But thanks to the Bible groups and personal witness of God’s work in my life, I opened my heart to Him, receiving Him as my Lord and Savior.  Now I know He is with me and my children all the time. He watches over my family. Glory to our Father God!

This year I got to attend Women’s Conference for the first time. I am so thankful that God guided me there. The best way I can describe it is that “these days were like a fairy tale for me.” I didn’t want to leave! I got to meet new people. Our US group leaders – they are fantastic women. But best of all - I got to know God in a new way that will continue with me for years to come.

Year to date 158 children saved from abortion via services provided by the staff and volunteers at Mission to Ukraine’s 5 counseling locations.  We praise God and give Him all the glory!!!