Thank you for Loving my Mommy!

Friends, thank you for the love you give to Ukrainian mothers facing unexpected pregnancies. This year through our Pregnancy Care centers almost 100 mothers chose life for their babies. About 100 mothers who have delivered their babies receive tangible support via food, baby furnishings, medical assistance, humanitarian aid food and spiritual guidance.

Thanks to your love about 600 mothers (grandmothers) of children with disabilities experience unprecedented love via various rehabilitation services, medical assistance, food support and spiritual mentorship. These families undergo wonderful transformations.

Thank you for Loving my Mommy!

By Dr. Alexandra Bashek

Suffering from her husband's abuse and the community’s rejection, Olga desperately needed love and support. Her family situation and the disability of her younger daughter Dasha made her almost an outcast in her village. Neither her relatives nor neighbors ever showed care or offered help. Their mockery gradually made her vulnerable and isolated.

One day she came to me for a medical appointment. Tears filled up her eyes, as she shared her pain from the accident that nearly took her daughter’s life. “Dasha ran fast towards the river. I was far behind, trying to catch up and stop her. Can you believe that people just watched as I struggled to reach her in time before drowning?” Olga shared. I hugged her and we cried as I wiped her tears. Then we prayed.

Broken and fearful, Olga came to us for help. Exhausted by the continuous pressure of various people, including her family, to send her daughter to an orphanage, she sought a better solution for her child’s life.   What she found completely changed their family.  

Thanks to the Alternative Augmentative Communication program Dasha learned to communicate and therefore was able to join a regular kindergarten. In addition they were able to receive our ‘Handfuls of Purpose’ food packages and medical clinic services for their family. Overnight summer camps became a healing getaway for Olga and her little girl.  Spiritual mentorship and participation in support groups provided Olga with much needed restoration and renewal. Even her husband changed for the better.

That day when she came to her medical appointment, two minutes after we parted, her older 10 year old daughter returned to my office with tears of joy in her eyes and a smile. She came up to me and tenderly said: “Miss, thank you for loving my mommy”.

Friends, thank you for your support.