5 Things to know about MTU's Pregnancy Care Ministry

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1.       MTU opened the first crisis pregnancy center in Ukraine.

On September 1, 1997 MTU opened the doors to its Crisis Pregnancy Center. Over 1300 babies have been given a new opportunity at life.


2.       A record number of mothers have chosen hope and life for their unborn children during one of the most difficult economic times for Ukraine.

Due to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the national currency default, most daily goods arethree several times more expensive, leaving many people in Ukraine struggling to subsist . The government cut many subsidies for vulnerable people. About 80 percent of the population live in state of hidden hunger. As a result of these circumstances, crisis pregnancy counseling has become much more difficult. Still, we see God’s grace and care for the unborn: in the years of unrest we have witnessed record numbers of mothers choosing to give their children life: 168 babies in 2015 and 140 children this year so far.


3.       Mission to Ukraine offers counseling in the three biggest abortion clinics in the Zhitomir Oblast.

On September 5 we started offering crisis pregnancy counseling services in a third abortion clinic (in Novograd – Volynskiy). At present our crisis pregnancy counselors counsel women in five locations: two centers and three clinics in Zhitomir, Beridichev, and Novograd-Volynskiy.


4.       Ministry expansion to new regions.

Churches from neighboring regions have learned about our crisis pregnancy work and invited us to share our vision with them and equip their volunteers to carry out similar ministry in their regions. Thus, we have started to work in the cities of Vinnetsa and Koziatin. At present, we have 110 volunteers in 10 regions of Ukraine.


5.       Spiritual impact: Lives transformed, lives saved.

In addition to practical help, we encourage our women to develop a life-changing relationship with Jesus through our Bible studies. This year we are seeing women either begin a new relationship with Jesus or desire to go deeper with him. 141 women attend our Bible lessons, 21 prayed to receive Christ, and 7 were baptized.


Alia’s Story

In 2013, Alia came to MTU pregnant with her third baby. Her husband did not have a job, and she was earning an occasional income by working in the open-air market. When she learned that she was pregnant, she wanted to abort the child. But after seeking counseling at MTU, Alia decided to keep and raise the baby. Alia made this courageous decision even though her home life was difficult. Alia and her family lived in their mother’s-in-law apartment, but the situation at home worsened as her husband continued to abuse alcohol. Her mother-in-law had numerous disagreements with her. She had to find rescue in her parent’s home.


In 2014, Alia started to pursue a relationship with a God that cares deeply about her and her child. Through MTU’s bible studies, reading her bible, praying and attending a local church, she is learning to trust Jesus’ compassion in her life. God has even blessed her with a good job. On July 8, 2016, she was baptized. Alia is continuing to walk in confidence of God’s caring hand and support in her life.

Thank you all for being a part of Jesus expressing His life-giving love to the people of Ukraine.