Teen’s Deliverance from Spiritual Captivity

“Dear counselor, I would like to make a will”, Dennis*said confidently. The 11 year old young man with special needs continued, “I haven’t told my mother yet. I need to prepare her first, but I want you know, when my time comes, I need to be buried in a sitting position.  It is not good to meet the Lord horizontally”.

I was amazed how much honor and respect for the Lord that Dennis has developed over the recent months of our therapeutic meetings. I was happy to see him experience God’s power in the midst of some very difficult spiritual battles. It took several months for us to find this beautiful freedom. 

Dark Influences

You see Dennis was experiencing some very dark influences that clouded his thoughts. Several years ago, Dennis’ older brother, a young adult, started exploring the occult and would share his discoveries with Dennis. His brother would give Dennis books on mysticism to read and, it seemed, he would enjoy watching his little brother develop fears.
Sometime later, Dennis’ 16 year old cousin started attending satanic meetings in her town. When Dennis and her met, she would sometimes tell him of mysterious occurrences. Dennis’ innocent, flexible mind soaked the stories up like a sponge. 

At some point his cousin managed to convince Dennis that demonic powers were stronger than God. He came to believe, he should try everything in life to find what works best for him, until one day he found himself trapped by fear. Held captive by obsessive thoughts, he would tell people of his need to go to Moscow and burn Lenin’s body down. He feared going to bed at night. He needed God’s freedom.

Friendship for Deliverance

At about that time we became friends at one of the overnight summer camps for children with disabilities. Dennis impressed me with his mature thinking and good nature. He asked good questions about God and enjoyed meditation over His truths. Eventually, he dared to share his fears with me, and we started on a journey towards his healing.

We started meeting after camp. He always made sure to make an appointment with me to talk about life. Little by little he would let the Lord in and let Him empower him to fight the evil and receive freedom. Slowly, but surely, he let go of mysticism and the obsessive thoughts. He started praying and seeking God’s answers to his questions. Several weeks ago he shared he was free from the spiritual bondage.

What a joy to see him free and renewed! It is such a blessing to know that he values the Lord so much that he even wants to make sure he meets God in a proper position. What a privilege it has been to help him.

Friends, thank you for supporting MTU’s mission and for making such awesome spiritual breakthroughs possible.

Olga, MTU Bible teacher
* Name changed for confidentiality

You Impact Them for Eternity (video)


Blessed Easter!

May you enjoy the celebration of our Risen Savior, experience His power and come to know Him in a new way.

You make Christ known to the desperate and broken. You bring the Kingdom of God to earth. With your prayers, talents, and financial support you open access to hope, love, restoration, and new life in Christ for mothers and children living in challenging circumstances in Ukraine. Not only do you improve their lives here on earth, but you also impact them for eternity. Every year approximately 1000 of our clients taste God’s love through a wide range of professional services. Many of them open their hearts to God.

Today we would like to share with you two one minute testimonies that we hope will brighten your day.

with much love, 

MTU team

Future X-factor Singer on Her Way towards Independent Life

“When I master walking, I will become a singer. I promise. X-factor will help me,” the nine year old Nastya shared with a big smile. Given how hard she works in MTU’s occupational therapy sessions, it seems that one day she will succeed in following her dreams!

Nastya loves life. She lights up the room with her smile. Friendship means the world to her, and she enjoys keeping in touch with her peers over the Internet.

Last year, she had the time of her life at the MTU overnight summer camp, and continues to tell me how much she loved the experience and how cool her friend in the US is.

At MTU Overnight Summer Camp 2016

At MTU Overnight Summer Camp 2016

Nastya is joy to work with and is very capable. But how I wish she had professionals to help her out earlier in life. A lack of early intervention lead to multiple physical limitations caused by cerebral palsy. Though we still have a long way to go, one day I see her walking.

Let me share how much progress she made over two months thanks to MTU’s physical and occupational therapies. In the beginning of the course, Nastya lacked confidence in her movements. She felt very unsafe when she was put into sitting and standing position. She had a huge fear of space because she started standing up and walking with support much later than her peers. It was only with her mother by her side that she could tolerate being in vertical positions.

Nastya has learned to sit independently

Nastya has learned to sit independently

Most children master sitting skills before their first birthday. During these few weeks their mothers or caregivers watch them constantly to make sure they don’t get hurt. In her case, her mother was lovingly ‘tied’ to Nastya till the age of 9. Though smart and capable, Nastya was “bound” by her body’s limitations at the self-assistance level of a six month old. She needed someone to help her sit, dress and undress her, move her from the bed to a chair, etc. She would have loved to help her mother in the kitchen, but had so many obstacles to overcome first.

Nastya can now put on her socks with the help of an assistive device

Nastya can now put on her socks with the help of an assistive device

Thanks to our physical therapy course, Nastya has mastered many of her fears. She has developed supportive muscles and has learned to sit independently. We see big potential for her to learn to walk! She has seen so much success in her occupational therapy that she can now put on her socks with the help of an assistive device. She has learned to take her sportswear off with minimum help. She has also got a new hobby - peeling potatoes on her own!

I am thankful for the opportunity to see her life transformed and be a part of the transformation. I am grateful to all people who support our disability ministry. May our God bless you and reward you hundredfold.

By Zita Kalandarishvilli, Occupational Therapy Assistant

P.S. Recently Nastya has had a surgery on her leg muscles to increase movement range. Pray for her soon recovery.

Heroic Mother – First Child for Inclusion

by Larisa Bibko, Special Education Teacher

A Cute and Fearful Two Year Old

An incredibly cute but fearful 2 year old named Sashko could neither walk nor speak. His physical and mental development was delayed due to microcephaly diagnosis. “Oh, he needs so much help, professional help! We don’t want to miss another day, the earlier we start, the more we can do!” I thought to myself when we first met.  

Immediately Sashko joined our preschool education group, and he loved it immensely. He would never miss a lesson thanks to the help of granny, papa, or mama who were always there to bring him to the lessons. He loved the fellowship and he loved to grow.

Model of Care

Sashko’s life started to change. A team of loving and disciplined therapists helped him develop in different areas of his life. Special education teachers worked with him in the preschool.  Physical therapists maximized his walking ability. Psychologists and sensory therapists helped him relax and conquer his fears. Speech therapists helped him learn how to communicate better and Occupational therapist helped him master basic daily tasks. It looked like he was far enough along to join a public kindergarten at the age of 3!

Hopes to Pieces

When the time came for him to stand before the special committee that would decide what form of education to offer him, the hope for inclusion in the public system broke to pieces. To his mother’s big surprise, they not only refused him in a kindergarten for children with special needs, but also suggested sending him to an orphanage (boarding school).

“You don’t give my child even one chance for development. You cross him out of life,” she argued with the committee director. “My child has a right for inclusive education by law. If you don’t put him in the kindergarten, I will bring this case to the Mayor of the city, and if I have to, even to the President’s wife Marina Poroshenko”.

The committee director explained they had no teacher’s assistants to work in kindergartens, whereas Sashko’s mother said she would volunteer. Having a PhD in Chemistry, she was ready to give up her work for an opportunity for him to be included. She left certain that she would find a way to reach the first lady, if needed, but her child would not live in isolation.

Exceeding Expectations

Just a few weeks later, Sashko’s mother received a call from a special committee: they found an assistant and her son was to be accepted to a kindergarten. He will be the first child with special needs admitted to a public kindergarten on the inclusion program! Overflowing with joy she rushed to MTU to break the news - he son would have equal opportunities alongside other children.

Today Sashko is an independent, attentive, and active boy who attends a kindergarten and enjoys spending time with his peers.

We are thankful to God for the opportunity to improve his life and for his loving mother, who stands strong for her child’s rights.

Thank you, friends, for allowing us to be instruments in God’s hands to change children’s lives.