MTU Father Starts Rehab Foundation

Paul* is an incredible father to Yulia, a 9 year old girl with special needs. He is also a designer, book illustrator, interpreter, poet, and a co-founder of a charitable foundation. As a result of the generosity of MTU’s supporters, Paul started to dream big. I asked Paul to share his story. He asked me to keep it confidential. I hope, this interview will inspire you.   

Tanya: Your love for your daughter goes beyond anything I have heard of. You are the one who protected her even while she was in the womb. Tell me more about it.

Paul: I was about to move to Warsaw for a well-paid job when we found out we were pregnant, so I turned down the job to be with my family. Six months into the pregnancy, the ultrasound showed problems in our girl’s development. The doctors immediately suggested an abortion, and I said ‘no’. Outside pressure started mounting – relatives, friends, doctors. They just didn’t understand her value. For me, our child’s birth was the brightest, most joyous moment of my life. Nothing else even comes close. After Yulia was born and placed on my wife’s chest, the first thing the doctor said was, “Would you please sign a letter of rejection for your disabled child?” I hit him in the face, broke his jaw, and he ran away. Yulia is a living, breathing child that I love and will always take care of, even if finding support is difficult.

From what I understand, even though you needed help you didn’t trust MTU at first.

Well, yeah. Why would they want to help me? At that time we had nothing. We were in debt and help from our relatives was scarce.  But our daughter desperately needed professional care, and I decided to give MTU a chance. Now I know that everything MTU does is so valuable. I don’t know any other organization in Ukraine that does more for children with special needs and their parents. We take all MTU can offer. I’ve see huge changes in Yulia. Now she can stand still, sit by herself without falling, and she can interact with others. Though she doesn’t speak, she shows emotions. She understands, and she responds because of MTU’s exceptional care and therapy. MTU’s great example of doing good and doing it with excellence.

 So how did you come to a decision to start a charity?

 Several years ago I went to MTU to pick up our Christmas gift. I really wanted to return the favor. I asked ‘What do you need?’ I earned little, and was in debt, but still felt like giving back in whatever way I could. They suggested that I could help with monthly diaper packages. I posted an ad for donations in social media, and people actually gave! Over the next few weeks, we received several thousand grivna. At that point, I realized that I wanted to make charity a part of my life.

So how did it happen?

 Several months later, I met a marketing specialist with a vision for a global charity project. I told her “If I ever wanted to help anybody, it would be MTU. They helped my daughter with special needs.” So we started a charitable foundation called ‘Charity Postcard’. Our mission is to support rehabilitation centers in Ukraine. We raise money by selling postcards with the art of famous Ukrainian painters and illustrators. All profit goes to help various projects for people with special needs in Ukraine.

Thank you for your grateful heart and support! What are your plans for the foundation’s future?

Our ultimate goal is to raise enough support that rehab centers can continue to expand until every disabled child in Ukraine has access to a rehab services.

That sounds fantastic! We are with you. Thank you for your time and your passion. May God bless your family, your work, and your charity.

 *Names changed for confidentiality purposes

Breaking the Record in Saving Lives


Thanks to timely support offered to women in unexpected pregnancies, 101 women chose life for their babies this year setting new records in comparison with previous years. Thanks to all who make it possible!

Yulia’s Story

Hi, my name is Yulia. I live in Zhitomir Area. I would like to share my story with you. I hope it will help somebody.

In the fall of 2015, I learned that I was pregnant. I didn’t know what to do. I wondered why it happened to me at such a time. My husband and I couldn’t find mutual understanding. I filed for divorce. We already had two sons, (waited long eight years for them to be born in our family) I felt very down. I didn’t have anyone talk to and share my doubts. Finally, I decided to have an ABORTION in Zhitomir clinic.

At the abortion clinic I met a counselor Natalia. Fifteen-twenty minutes of our conversation changed my decision. I realized I needed this child. With tears of joy I went home.

MTU supported me a lot during my pregnancy. They checked on me. They cared for me, even though they didn’t know me. Before my delivery I received a layette set with beautiful baby clothes, toys, and bottles. I never regretted the choice I made to have this child.

June 30th 2016 became one of the most important days of my life: I gave birth to my baby boy Makar. Every time I look at him, it feels like he is saying: “Mommy, thank you for giving me the joy of life”. At present my youngest son is 10 months old. He always smiles at me. This smile is the most precious for me.

In April 2017 I received Jesus Christ into my heart as my Lord and Savior. I thank God that everything changed for better. Relationship with my husband improved. Now my husband and I are raising our three sons in love.

I often think: “It is so good that there is Mission to Ukraine; there are counselors who offer a helping hand. It is so good that there is God Who Transforms lives”. 

Thank you for Loving my Mommy!

Friends, thank you for the love you give to Ukrainian mothers facing unexpected pregnancies. This year through our Pregnancy Care centers almost 100 mothers chose life for their babies. About 100 mothers who have delivered their babies receive tangible support via food, baby furnishings, medical assistance, humanitarian aid food and spiritual guidance.

Thanks to your love about 600 mothers (grandmothers) of children with disabilities experience unprecedented love via various rehabilitation services, medical assistance, food support and spiritual mentorship. These families undergo wonderful transformations.

Thank you for Loving my Mommy!

By Dr. Alexandra Bashek

Suffering from her husband's abuse and the community’s rejection, Olga desperately needed love and support. Her family situation and the disability of her younger daughter Dasha made her almost an outcast in her village. Neither her relatives nor neighbors ever showed care or offered help. Their mockery gradually made her vulnerable and isolated.

One day she came to me for a medical appointment. Tears filled up her eyes, as she shared her pain from the accident that nearly took her daughter’s life. “Dasha ran fast towards the river. I was far behind, trying to catch up and stop her. Can you believe that people just watched as I struggled to reach her in time before drowning?” Olga shared. I hugged her and we cried as I wiped her tears. Then we prayed.

Broken and fearful, Olga came to us for help. Exhausted by the continuous pressure of various people, including her family, to send her daughter to an orphanage, she sought a better solution for her child’s life.   What she found completely changed their family.  

Thanks to the Alternative Augmentative Communication program Dasha learned to communicate and therefore was able to join a regular kindergarten. In addition they were able to receive our ‘Handfuls of Purpose’ food packages and medical clinic services for their family. Overnight summer camps became a healing getaway for Olga and her little girl.  Spiritual mentorship and participation in support groups provided Olga with much needed restoration and renewal. Even her husband changed for the better.

That day when she came to her medical appointment, two minutes after we parted, her older 10 year old daughter returned to my office with tears of joy in her eyes and a smile. She came up to me and tenderly said: “Miss, thank you for loving my mommy”.

Friends, thank you for your support.

Teen’s Deliverance from Spiritual Captivity

“Dear counselor, I would like to make a will”, Dennis*said confidently. The 11 year old young man with special needs continued, “I haven’t told my mother yet. I need to prepare her first, but I want you know, when my time comes, I need to be buried in a sitting position.  It is not good to meet the Lord horizontally”.

I was amazed how much honor and respect for the Lord that Dennis has developed over the recent months of our therapeutic meetings. I was happy to see him experience God’s power in the midst of some very difficult spiritual battles. It took several months for us to find this beautiful freedom. 

Dark Influences

You see Dennis was experiencing some very dark influences that clouded his thoughts. Several years ago, Dennis’ older brother, a young adult, started exploring the occult and would share his discoveries with Dennis. His brother would give Dennis books on mysticism to read and, it seemed, he would enjoy watching his little brother develop fears.
Sometime later, Dennis’ 16 year old cousin started attending satanic meetings in her town. When Dennis and her met, she would sometimes tell him of mysterious occurrences. Dennis’ innocent, flexible mind soaked the stories up like a sponge. 

At some point his cousin managed to convince Dennis that demonic powers were stronger than God. He came to believe, he should try everything in life to find what works best for him, until one day he found himself trapped by fear. Held captive by obsessive thoughts, he would tell people of his need to go to Moscow and burn Lenin’s body down. He feared going to bed at night. He needed God’s freedom.

Friendship for Deliverance

At about that time we became friends at one of the overnight summer camps for children with disabilities. Dennis impressed me with his mature thinking and good nature. He asked good questions about God and enjoyed meditation over His truths. Eventually, he dared to share his fears with me, and we started on a journey towards his healing.

We started meeting after camp. He always made sure to make an appointment with me to talk about life. Little by little he would let the Lord in and let Him empower him to fight the evil and receive freedom. Slowly, but surely, he let go of mysticism and the obsessive thoughts. He started praying and seeking God’s answers to his questions. Several weeks ago he shared he was free from the spiritual bondage.

What a joy to see him free and renewed! It is such a blessing to know that he values the Lord so much that he even wants to make sure he meets God in a proper position. What a privilege it has been to help him.

Friends, thank you for supporting MTU’s mission and for making such awesome spiritual breakthroughs possible.

Olga, MTU Bible teacher
* Name changed for confidentiality