Women in Crisis Pregnancies


Mission to Ukraine’s Crisis Pregnancy Ministry follows God’s calling to protect innocent babies from death through abortion. The Zhitomir center offers women free pregnancy tests, counseling, spiritual guidance, special pre-delivery and post-delivery video seminars, and family counseling. Our Crisis Pregnancy Ministry also carries out abstinence work conducting lessons in secondary schools, colleges, universities, and orphanages. MTU counselors present young people with accurate facts, movies and brochures about life before birth, abortion, STDs, Aids, as well as alcohol, nicotine, and drug addictions. Our goal is to acquaint teenagers with genuine information, to dissolve the myths regarding free sex, contraception and abortion, to answer any of their questions and to assist them in spiritual counseling. 

Children with Special Needs and their Families

Mission to Ukraine ministers to children with special needs and their families through a number of programs offered at our Zhitomir center. These include weekly physical therapy sessions, art and life skills classes, and clothing, medical, and food assistance through our Handfuls of Purpose program. Most importantly, their spiritual needs are addressed through Bible classes and fellowship.